Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

088: Mastering Multifamily Real Estate Development with Barbara Isabel


Multifamily properties can be a fantastic way to find real estate wealth, but having a mentor or advisor to guide you is the secret sauce.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan welcomes multifamily and real estate investment specialist Barbara Isabel. Barbara is also an attorney who moved to Los Angeles, California, from Spain at 24 years old. Her father was in real estate and introduced her to the concept. Still, she didn’t take an interest in it until she moved to L.A. Today, she specializes in multifamily real estate development and teaches her clients how to build generational wealth through real estate.

Jonathan and Barbara explore her exposure to real estate at an early age and why she became an attorney instead of going directly into the family business. Barbara explains what drew her back to the industry after moving to Los Angeles, what her first deal was, and how finding her niche led to success. You’ll also hear how she began putting multifamily properties into her own portfolio, where she wants to invest in L.A. next, and what makes rental properties recession-proof. Finally, Barbara reveals her recommendations to first-time homebuyers, her future investing plans, and how providing value to clients brings continuing returns.

Mastering multifamily real estate can be the key to building your generational wealth, and Barbara Isabel’s tips can help put you on that path.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Barbara Isabel’s background in real estate as she grew up as one of eight kids in Spain

  • Why Barbara’s father encouraged her to pursue law instead of real estate, and when she became interested in real estate

  • How her life in Los Angeles renewed her interest in real estate

  • Why asking the right questions and having support was crucial to making her first real estate deal in L.A.

  • The benefits of having a real estate license and finding a niche in multifamily real estate

  • The appeal of real estate for Barbara and the advantages she has in L.A. as a Spanish speaker

  • Her transition to putting multifamily properties in her own portfolio and what she’s done with them

  • The next areas Barbara is eyeing for deals and the types of properties she’s buying the most of

  • The difference between buying and selling houses and what Barbara does

  • The tax benefits of real estate

  • Why rental properties are recession-proof

  • What “affordable housing” means in L.A. and why you can still make money on it

  • The resources Barbara Isabel uses to find inventory deals

  • How she’s using ADUs to add even more value to her inventory

  • The reason Barbara recommends duplexes to first-time homebuyers as their first home

  • Negotiations with tenants and why they’re difficult right now

  • Her plans for the future and the value of having a good advisor to help you attain wealth in the long run

  • The continuing returns on providing value to clients

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