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089: How to Go from Deployment to Deal Flow with Buddy Rushing


Former military members often struggle with what career to pursue when they exit military service. Many discover a path in real estate investing that can help them find stability and a new career.

On today’s episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan sits down with Buddy Rushing, co-founder of White Feather Investments, to talk about his mission to educate and empower military members to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. As a former Marine, Buddy understands the process of leaving the military and why many servicemen and servicewomen find it challenging.

Jonathan and Buddy dig into how Buddy and his wife Kimberly started their investing journey, the importance of having something to look forward to when he came home from deployments, and his desire to change the legacy of poverty in his family. As the conversation continues, Buddy shares how the house he bought as an investment during the 2008 crash lost half of its value, why he held on to it and didn’t lose hope, and what he learned from the experience. Buddy explains that his wife made the call to forgo their wedding and put that money into an investment property instead. Finally, you’ll hear how he and his wife coach and train former military members to succeed post-military in real estate investing.

This inspiring episode is full of hard-earned wisdom you won’t want to miss.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan caused Buddy Rushing to read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and introduced him to the concept of real estate investing

  • The familiar story of a degrading lifestyle post-military and why it doesn’t have to be that way

  • The permission “Rich Dad Poor Dad” gave Buddy to dream and believe he could change his family’s legacy of poverty

  • His first property investment amid the 2008 housing crash, its low appraisal, and what he learned from that experience

  • Buddy’s realization that to create financial freedom, he had to develop more positive income streams

  • How he and his wife bought their next income property by forgoing their wedding plans

  • The real estate education and action that moved Buddy and his wife forward with their investments

  • The difference that a supportive spouse can make in the real estate investment journey

  • Two fundamental principles Buddy teaches people about real estate investing

  • The importance of prioritizing your time to build wealth

  • How he and his wife transitioned their first couple of investments into an investment business

  • Why the relationships you make are the greatest natural resource you have access to

  • What Buddy and his wife’s company, White Feather, does

  • How he’s handling the current real estate market

  • The methods Buddy is using to find deals

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