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Episode 019: How to Scale to 80 Deals in Just 4 Years with Ryan Saulle


Whether you’re new to real estate investing or you’re thinking about getting into this world, you might think scaling is too much. But as with any other business, everything is scalable. You just have to have the right mindset, the right people, and the right processes in place.


In today’s episode, Ryan Saulle, co-founder of Freedom Home Buyers, shares how his company got to scale to over 80 deals in just four years. He touches on some key points that are necessary when you’re looking to scale, be it growing your asset classes or you’re looking to expand to different areas. 


Ryan has been in the investing world for about five years after leaving the Department of Education. Since 2017, Freedom Home Buyers has put a transparent spin on the home-buying business. With great business acumen and a commitment to their core values, Ryan and his team have been able to scale the business quickly over the years.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Lessons from their first flip
  • The importance of transparency
  • What led to their expansion to Florida
  • Putting the financing in place
  • How to use VAs in your business
  • Building your target list
  • Knowing when it’s the right time to sell

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