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Episode 016: From Renovations to Revivals with Scott Friedmann


One of the most rewarding things about flipping houses is when you see the finished project and someone else is going to take ownership of it and becomes obsessed with it. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same.


A lot of people think they could get into flipping without really being mindful of how the project is going to go or how the finished project is going to look. They’re all about the money side of things and how to get bigger, spreading themselves so thin that they compromise the quality of their flips and end up with just crappy projects.


In today’s episode, contractor and investor Scott Friedmann shares his journey from flipping houses at 24 years old to now doing well-designed full rehab projects full-time. Scott also gives valuable insights into the power of partnership and the value of networking.


Scott and his wife Marisa are home transformation specialists. With over 10 years of experience in their respective businesses, Scott in real estate investment and property revival, and Marisa in the fashion industry, the couple decided to combine forces and create their company, The Home Revivalists. As a husband and wife team, Marisa does all the design while Scott is the contractor. Together, they design and build beautifully designed houses that any buyer would be proud of. 


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Scott’s background in flipping houses
  • The transition from finance to full-time real estate
  • When it’s a good idea to take the offer
  • How their husband-and-wife team looks like
  • The power of partnership and networking
  • Thinking of ways you can diversify your assets

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