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Episode 015: From Hospitality to Homes with Devinne Bravoco and Justin Balunsat


When you’re flipping houses or doing short-term rentals one of the key things that set you up for success is having a decent understanding of construction – and having a hospitality background surely helps too!


Today’s guests are Devinne Bravoco and Justin Balunsat of Just Divine Properties. Devinne and Justin started a local residential redevelopment company after both being in the corporate world. As real estate investors, they purchase, renovate, and sell beautifully designed homes, working with sellers who need to get out of their current situation, buy their house in cash, quickly renovate the home, and help improve the communities.


Currently, they have made 10 flips, which are all major renovation projects that usually take 8-10 months. Recently, they just closed their fourth Airbnb and have become Superhosts in just six weeks. 


In this episode, Justin and Devinne share their journey from hospitality to homes as well as some tips and hacks to help you get started as a mindful real estate investor.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • The decision to jump and get into real estate full-time
  • Finding confidence in getting through the first deal
  • The benefits of joining mentorship programs
  • How they got their first real estate deal
  • The importance of understanding construction
  • Getting into the Airbnb and short-term rental space 
  • Working with a collective mindset 

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