Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

146: Developing Proven Strategies to Live the Life You Want with Lisa Moore


Lisa Moore’s path from a W-2 job to achieving time freedom with real estate investing is nothing short of inspirational.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan sits down with Lisa to talk about how she created the life she wanted. Influenced early on by her mom’s best friend, a top real estate agent, Lisa leaped into real estate investing when she moved to Utah. She shares her strategies for house hacking and turning single-family homes into income-generating properties, which allowed her to leave the corporate world at 37. Lisa also discusses planning for maintenance and vacancies to maintain profitability.

Jonathan and Lisa discuss on-market MLS listings and off-market opportunities. Lisa emphasizes building relationships with neighbors and brokers, leading to lucrative deals and insights into local markets. You’ll hear the benefits of focusing on small to midsize multifamily units and the advantages of seller financing, especially when dealing with retiring baby boomers. Lisa’s thoughts on local versus expanding markets are revealing for investors considering geographic diversification.

Understanding real estate as a Limited Partner (LP) or an active investor can be critical. Lisa touches on the nuances of both roles and the importance of transparency and education from sponsors. She shares her experiences creating resources for new LPs and highlights the value of genuine connections and educating potential investors. By aligning with others with similar lifestyles and goals, Lisa has created a sustainable business model centered around long-term relationships in the investing community.

Lisa Moore has achieved financial freedom, designed her ideal lifestyle through real estate, and is laying out exactly how she did it for you.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Lisa Moore’s path from W2 employee to financial independence at age 37
  • House hacking and transforming single-family homes into income-generating properties
  • Strategies Lisa uses for planning maintenance and managing vacancies in real estate
  • Her methods to initiate property deal flow, including MLS listings and off-market opportunities
  • Building relationships with neighbors and brokers
  • Lisa’s focus on local markets, specifically Utah and Idaho, and their advantages
  • The benefits of targeting small to midsize multifamily units owned by retiring baby boomers
  • The role of seller financing in real estate transactions
  • Understanding the differences between being a Limited Partner (LP) and an active investor
  • The importance of transparency and education from sponsors in investing
  • Lisa Moore’s tips for building genuine connections and educating potential investors
  • Using real estate as a tool for lifestyle architecture and achieving time freedom
  • Creating long-term relationships with investors and aligning with like-minded people
  • Overcoming challenges and embracing mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Emphasizing quality over quantity in real estate investing and having long-term strategies

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