Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

145: Building Trust with Mid-Term Rentals Through Corporate Housing with Vivian Yip


Short-term rentals may be trendy in real estate investing, but creating comfortable corporate mid-term rentals can be just as lucrative with the right formula.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews Vivian Yip, a public speaker, hospitality coach, mid-term rental entrepreneur, and the founder of Corporate Rentals USA by Hestia. Vivian is on a mission to become the trusted brand in mid-term rentals.

Jonathan and Vivian unpack her childhood experiences alongside her parents, who were also real estate investors. She explains how those experiences helped her when she decided to pursue real estate investing as an adult. You’ll hear about Vivian’s first real estate investment, which was a house hack, who she rents to today, and why she got off Airbnb. Vivian shares what drew her away from the corporate world and into full-time real estate investing, what she loves about the hospitality side of mid-term rentals, and why she decided to focus on mid-term rentals versus short-term or long-term rentals. Vivian also delves into the work required to create successful mid-term rentals, guest screening, and using property management tools to set up a system for her properties. Finally, Jonathan and Vivian discuss the lack of comfortable corporate housing, the appeal of mid-term amenities, and how Vivian ensures a quality property for her guests. She also explains what her companies, Hestia and Hestia 360, do.

Vivian Yip wants Hestia to be the go-to name in mid-term rentals, and she outlines precisely how she is accomplishing that in this episode.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Vivian Yip’s experiences with real estate alongside her parents as a child
  • How her experiences helped her when she decided to pursue real estate investing as an adult
  • Vivian’s decision to invest in Austin and how her first home there’s appreciation allowed her to pay it off quickly
  • Why she’s still house-hacking, who she rents to, and why she got off Airbnb
  • Her transition away from the corporate world into full-time real estate investing
  • The why behind Vivian’s drive to become an investor
  • Creating hospitality and what makes it the key to success
  • The work required to create a successful short- or mid-term rental and the importance of screening guests
  • The two property management tools Vivian uses to set up a property management system for her mid-term properties
  • The lack of comfortable corporate housing and what makes mid-term amenities so appealing
  • The self-audit Vivian offers all of her hosts to allow them to fill an amenity need and sends an inspector to every property to certify corporate housing standards
  • Components she ensures are in every property
  • Ensuring that an area is safe for tenants and how Vivian vets that
  • Hestia and Hestia 360 and what each arm of the business does
  • Location’s importance for mid-term rentals versus that of short-term rentals
  • What you should know about insurance stays
  • Vivian’s class that teaches realtors how to become experts in their markets

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