Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

143: Real Estate Investing Through an Experienced Guide with Dani Beit-Or


Real estate investing is often dull, but its lack of excitement is what leads to long-term success.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews Dani Beit-Or, a real estate mogul who started his path as essentially financially illiterate. Dani is the founder and CEO of Simply Do It, a company dedicated to assisting busy individuals make remote real estate investments. As an Israeli immigrant, Dani brings his unique perspective on real estate investing in the U.S. to his clients and helps them avoid common mistakes.

Jonathan and Dani start their conversation by exploring Dani’s background as the child of traditional, conservative Israeli parents and how he was first exposed to real estate as an investment vehicle. You’ll hear why he discourages people from investing in hot markets, the general appeal of real estate, and how he defines a “negative role model.” Dani shares with Jonathan how his parents reacted to his decision to become an entrepreneur, where his first investment property was located, what he learned from it, and the lessons Dani took from the 2008 crash. Jonathan and Dani also discuss his systems and processes, why he doesn’t deviate from them, the mistakes new investors are making, and why you have to learn what questions to ask and get comfortable talking to people.

Dani Beit-Or understands how to find his clients markets that perform well, and he wants others to know that real estate doesn’t have to be exciting to create wealth.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Dani Beit-Or’s first exposure to real estate just after college
  • Why he discourages people from investing in hot markets to make better money in a different market
  • What Dani finds appealing about real estate versus other types of investments
  • Dani’s definition of a “negative role model” and how that impacts the decisions he makes regarding money
  • How his parents reacted to his entrepreneurial path instead of a traditional career path
  • Dani’s first investment property in the Phoenix area and the lessons he took away from that investment
  • The way his investments have changed over time and how the 2008 crash impacted him
  • Creating systems and processes and why Dani doesn’t deviate from them
  • The mistakes new investors are making today and the importance of having a local team to help you make decisions
  • Why learning how to ask questions can save you in a transaction
  • How Dani helps his clients overcome their discomfort in talking to people
  • What Dani’s company, Simply Do It, does for his clients

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