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097: How to Build a Local Homebuying Company with Aaron Bihl


A good reputation in the real estate world is an indisputable advantage as an investor. It’s imperative if you’re focused on your local market.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, San Antonio investor Aaron Bihl sits down with Jonathan to discuss how building a reputation as a trustworthy buyer in the San Antonio market has helped keep his business on top. Aaron got his start in the real estate business in 2018 after a stint in the oil and gas industry. He is one of the owners of Murphy Home Buyers in San Antonio, Texas, and is an avid home flipper, acquiring about ten homes a month.

Jonathan and Aaron begin their conversation with what initially drew Aaron to real estate. He explains why he hired a coach when he moved into the investing arena and what made that expense worthwhile. They discuss why an investor’s reputation matters when you’re focused on buying and selling locally, what he likes about mobile home flips, and why sellers turn to Murphy Home Buyers instead of a real estate agent. Jonathan also asks Aaron to outline his marketing strategy, the value of being “real” instead of putting a highlight reel out, and how the current state of the market has impacted his business.

If investing locally and staying in your home market is your goal, Aaron Bihl’s insights will give you some hard-earned wisdom to consider if you want to become the go-to homebuyer in your area.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Aaron Bihl’s path to real estate from a job he didn’t love and exposure to Bigger Pockets.

  • Why real estate appealed to Aaron and what he learned from his first few deals

  • Hiring a coach, learning to build a brand, and why having a coach helped him get to the next level

  • The importance of being a local and building trust in the community

  • The return on flipping mobile homes versus the time they require and what Aaron finds appealing about them

  • His focus on single-family homes and what sellers are looking for from straight buyers or wholesalers

  • The value of building trust with sellers and offering them convenience

  • How being omnipresent and evergreen in the local market keeps Aaron at the forefront of people’s minds when they need to sell

  • Being authentic and not just displaying the highlight reel of real estate

  • The current state of the real estate market and its impact on Aaron’s business

  • The biggest challenge he’s facing in the San Antonio market right now

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