Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

098: Wealth Acceleration and Capital Preservation with Lindsey Duguet


Physicians who invest in real estate are uncommon. Instead, they tend to invest in the stock market–a more passive form of investing. Today’s guest took a different path, actively investing in real estate and pursuing financial freedom

On today’s episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan digs into Dr. Lindsey Duguet’s real estate investing journey. Lindsey is an ER physician, wife, mother of three small children, and a successful investor. Lindsey and her husband, Michael, got their start in real estate when Lindsey moved into an attending physician position and her income jumped significantly.

Jonathan and Lindsey explore how she and her husband scaled their investments over the past five years, why it’s important to be solution-oriented and have grit in real estate and the difficulties they initially faced when they purchased properties in a D neighborhood. Additionally, she outlines what she looks for in masterminds and meetups, how she and her husband locate investment properties, and her shift into multifamily assets. You’ll also hear why they branched into out-of-state properties, the power of choice she loves about having another income stream, and their next goals for their business.

Lindsey Duguet has a busy full-time career and a young family, but she and her husband made investing one of their priorities, and it’s paying off in spades. If you want to hear how to do the same, tune in for more of Lindsey’s advice on balancing family, work, and investing.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Lindsey Duguet’s entry into real estate alongside her husband when she became an attending physician

  • Why she believes many doctors are stock-heavy instead of investing in real estate

  • The scaling of her investments over the past five years and what she attributes their success to

  • Their first property and how they positioned it as a high-demand rental

  • The importance of being solution-oriented and having grit to succeed in real estate

  • The difficulties in hiring contractors and managing properties in D neighborhoods

  • How having their first four properties near each other helped from a management and proximity standpoint

  • Lindsey’s qualifications for choosing masterminds and meetups and when she implemented those into her real estate investing plan

  • The methods Lindsey and her husband use to find properties

  • Why she began targeting multifamily properties

  • The advantages of out-of-state properties and what caused her and her husband to branch out

  • What Lindsey loves about offering advice to others about real estate investing

  • The power of choice that comes from having another income stream

  • Why the lack of an immediate return has been the most challenging part of this journey

  • The properties Lindsey and her husband own out of state

  • How Lindsey’s husband Michael achieved real estate professional status

  • The next goals for their real estate business

  • Making time for real estate investing with a full-time career and three small children

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