Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

067: Creating a Better Life Through Simple Investments with Martin Saenz


One of the biggest motivations people often have for getting into real estate investing is the desire to leave the corporate world behind. The daily grind can be soul-crushing, so the allure of a passive income draws many new investors to the real estate world.

In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan welcomes Martin Saenz. Martin and his wife started a business after he was fired from his corporate job. At the same time, they began educating themselves on real estate investing, leading to a focus on industrial real estate. Eventually, their interests shifted, and Martin dove headfirst into mortgage note investing. Ten years later, Martin is a managing partner of BeQuest Funds in Sarasota, Florida, and helps others find the passive income he sought in mortgage note investing.

You’ll hear Martin share his real estate story and how he shifted from his preference for industrial real estate to mortgage notes. He explains why you need people in your properties to ensure consistent payment as a note investor, why it’s considered a shadow industry, and what investors should expect when they invest money with someone like Martin. Finally, he explains how to evaluate an investment using the net cash flow of each asset.

Mortgage note investing is a type of real estate investing that can sound complicated, but Martin Saenz breaks it down so anyone can grasp how it works.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Martin Saenz’s early interest in real estate and how he discovered the corporate life wasn’t the one he wanted

  • His first real estate investment purchase and the other purchases it led to

  • Why Martin focused on industrial real estate and its diverse uses

  • How he shifted into becoming a mortgage note investor and some of the biggest lessons he learned in the beginning

  • The importance of having someone in a property to ensure you receive payments consistently because the home is collateral for the note

  • Where you can purchase notes and why it’s called a shadow industry

  • What investors can expect when they come to Martin’s company

  • Martin’s relationship with homeowners and how that directly correlates to his high collectability percentage

  • His belief in building passive income through assets and real estate’s reliability as a hard asset

  • How Martin Saenz uses net cash flow of each asset to evaluate an investment

  • His initial attraction to mortgage notes and why it still works so well for him

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