Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

061: How to Get Started as a Real Estate Investor with Alexandra Burnham


Real estate investment often flies under the radar in favor of other investment vehicles. But exposing new investors to the possibilities that come with real estate investing can cause them to jump in, and it can be hard to stop them.

In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews general dentist and real estate investor Alexandra Burnham. Alexandra has only been in the investing game for about three years, but she’s already making waves with investments in Kansas City, Phoenix, and Fort Lauderdale.

When Alexandra and her husband initially considered investing, they chose areas they were familiar with, primarily because they moved around a lot. Her husband is from Kansas City, so their first investment property was near a university. Gradually, they branched out into other areas, finding partnerships along the way to help fund the properties. Alexandra shares with Jonathan why they chose a university area, their decision to use a property management company instead of handling landlord issues themselves, and how she’s leveraged social media to find real estate partners.

Alexandra’s research and tenacity have created a lucrative venture for her and her husband to pursue alongside her dentistry career, and her enthusiasm for future deals is infectious.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why the tangibility factor drew Alexandra to real estate investing and the resources that helped her get started

  • Her first investment property, why she and her husband chose Kansas City, and who their tenants are

  • Alexandra’s exposure to real estate investing through her parents and what her first investment property was

  • Her husband’s involvement in their real estate investing

  • How they funded their subsequent property investments and why building relationships in the first sale helped their future purchases

  • The landlord experience and why Alexandra hired a property manager at the beginning of this venture

  • Their expansion into Arizona with a partnership in a short-term rental

  • Alexandra’s future plans for commercial real estate and the role of diversification in her portfolio

  • Where she found her first real estate partner and how she’s leveraged social media to make other connections

  • Some of the worst experiences she’s had with her rental properties and what she felt she could’ve done differently in those situations

  • The most important trait for a real estate investor to have and where you can find resources to learn

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