Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

038: Knowing Your Strengths as a Real Estate Investor with Kyle Root


In a world with boundless amounts of information on a topic, it’s easy to become distracted. Real estate investing is a topic where many potential investors develop analysis paralysis. They spend so much time gathering information on how to do it that they never leap into action. 

Deciding to act on an investment is the first step to creating a successful real estate investing career. While some find it later in life, others discover it much earlier, putting them on a path to success and financial freedom. 

In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan is speaking with Kyle Root, owner and operator of Empire Estates, a leader in long-term rental properties in the Midwest. Kyle began his real estate investing career at 26 years old after spending time in the construction industry and researching the topic of investing.

While Kyle is an expert investor now, he’s sharing some of the bumps and bruises he got early in his investing career that helped him scale his business to the level it’s at today.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • When Kyle began investing in real estate and how he overcame analysis paralysis

  • His first investment property and why he wouldn’t purchase it today if he had it to do over

  • Why he needed his wife’s buy-in to get started with real estate investing

  • The method Kyle used to build his company, Empire Estates and hired people based on the properties the company owned

  • His role in the company today and why he’s handing more work over to his employees

  • Why real estate investors should have a combination of creativity and patience

  • Short-term investors versus long-term investors and the difference between the two mindsets

  • How Kyle built his team and utilized his construction contacts

  • The role meetups played in being introduced to other investors and why he prefers specific masterminds today

  • His plans to continue growing the business and the areas he’s considering

  • The lessons he learned as a first-time landlord while house hacking and why you should manage your first few properties yourself

  • Kyle’s advice for new real estate investors who want to take a mindful approach

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