Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

037: Leading with Value as a Real Estate Investor with J Scott


Whether it’s real estate investing or a multimillion-dollar corporation, the basic components of businesses all operate the same way. If you can grasp the concepts that create a successful business, you can transition your understanding to nearly any industry, including real estate.

Some real estate investors have an innate sense of how the business works. They may not be particularly interested in or good at real estate, but their knack for business sets them apart and creates success.

In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan welcomes investor J Scott to the show. J didn’t start his career with an interest in real estate investing. He is a former electrical engineer who began flipping homes with his wife at 37. After successfully scaling that business, he pivoted into multifamily real estate and is the co-owner of Bar Down Investments. J is also a speaker and the author of five investment books.

Learn from J how to lead with value and make the connections you need to create a successful investing business.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How J Scott first got involved in real estate investing at 37 years old and why he attributes his success today to people he met earlier in his career

  • Why knowing how a business operates contributed to his success in real estate

  • Why J’s first house flip was the worst project of his life but also the best thing that ever happened to him

  • How analysis paralysis can keep you from investing at all and why taking any action is better than no action

  • The aspect of the real estate business J finds most attractive

  • Why it’s necessary to revamp the business structure as it grows and how scaling can lower your margins

  • J’s catalyst for moving into multifamily real estate and how he met his business partner in the process of learning about it

  • What leading with value is, and how you can use it to learn something new

  • What Bar Down Investments does and what the pros and cons of his business are

  • Where he’s buying property, and why the process is so different from flipping homes

  • The most important trait for real estate investors to have

  • How the get-rich-quick investors affect the industry as a whole

  • J Scott’s books on real estate and why the feedback encourages him to keep writing

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Episode 37

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