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027: Living a Big and Exciting Life Through Real Estate Investing with Sarah Weaver


Living BIG – what does that look like for you? For Sarah Weaver, that meant real estate investing and going from 3 units to 15 units in 90 days across four states. And that’s not all.


In 2022, she traveled to 46 countries on six continents in just eight months. And in the last 10 weeks, she has been to San Diego, Bangkok, Phoenix, Kansas City, New Jersey, New York, Iceland, Amsterdam, Guatemala, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. 


Through her Arya Design services, they help short-term and mid-term rental owners get the job done on furnishing their rentals. As a coach, Sarah curates events for other real estate investors and entrepreneurs, hosting amazing retreats to help them level up their portfolios. Her five-day retreat was spent ziplining, hiking and going on an ATV tour in Guatemala. Her newest event is an eight-day African safari in Tanzania, followed by an eight-day hike in Kilimanjaro.


In this episode, Sarah Weaver shares where it all began, how real estate investing became a vehicle for her to achieve this kind of lifestyle, and how you too can detach yourself from the regular nine to five so you can finally spend most of your time doing the things that you truly love!


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Sarah’s first real estate investment and how things changed after the second investment

  • Focusing on different strategies, one strategy at a time

  • The best way to use Furnished Finder to your advantage 

  • Focusing on the cash flow versus the number of doors

  • Three ways you can work with Arya Designs

  • Why grit is important for your long-term goals

  • The power of delegating

  • The power of joining masterminds and meetups

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