Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

Uncovering the Trajectory of Turnkey Real Estate with Marco Santarelli


In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews Marco Santarelli, an entrepreneur and investor who is also an accomplished author, speaker, podcaster, and educator. He is the founder and CEO of Norada Capital Management and Norada Real Estate Investments, the largest nationwide provider of turnkey investment properties. Marco shares his knowledge, highlighting the benefits of turnkey properties for investors looking to build a portfolio with minimal hassle.

Jonathan and Marco start their conversation by exploring Marco’s story, which began with his first property flip at just 18 years old. They discuss the entrepreneurial mindset Marco developed early on and the personality traits that propelled him forward. Marco explains the costs of ignorance and why he now avoids meticulous penny-pinching. He also shares the inspiration behind founding Norada Real Estate Investments, helping others invest in turnkey properties. Marco shares two concepts every investor should know, reveals his favorite asset class, and offers advice for beginners. He emphasizes networking with other investors to enhance your knowledge.

You’ll hear more about the following from Jonathan and Marco:

  • Ignorance isn’t bliss. Ignorance is expensive. Ignorance can cost you time, money, opportunity, and opportunity costs.
  • There are two concepts every investor should recognize. The first is that your market may not be good to invest in. The second is to know whether you’re a cash-flow or appreciation-based investor.
  • Of all the asset class types, Marco Santarelli’s favorite is still the single-family residence.

No type of real estate investing is entirely passive, but Marco Santarelli makes a compelling case for turnkey properties requiring little nurturing to create profit.

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