Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

Building a Niche with Mobile Home Flipping with Jason Velie


Discovering your real estate niche is a journey that demands patience and dedication. And once you find your focus, navigating the investing becomes smoother. On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jason Velie shares his expertise in mobile home flipping. As the founder of Cape Fear Cash Offer, an investment firm in North Carolina, Jason has been flipping properties since 2019, primarily focusing on single- and double-wide mobile homes.

Jonathan and Jason delve into the nuances of flipping mobile homes, Jason’s initial missteps, and the lessons he learned from his first investment property. They talk about the reasons behind the aversion most house flippers have to mobile homes, revealing Jason’s unique approach and his criteria for selecting profitable flips.

Jason shares his wisdom surrounding the process, from managing off-market negotiations to navigating wholesale deals with residents still occupying the properties. Additionally, he explains the importance of building credibility, trust, and effective marketing strategies in his business model, emphasizing keeping real estate fun.


Going into further detail, Jonathan and Jason explore:

  • The entry price point to mobile homes makes them very accessible to first-time investors. Unfortunately, there are two reasons house flippers shy away from them: knowing the nuances of buying and selling mobile homes and believing their buyer pool is limited.

  • Jason is the go-to for wholesalers in his area looking for a mobile home investor.

  • Trust and credibility have been vital components of building his business.

  • Keeping real estate fun is his number-one priority.


Mobile home investing can be incredibly lucrative if you’re willing to spend some time learning the ins and outs.

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