Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

Mindful Lessons From a Recovering House Flipper with Tarl Yarber


In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan unravels the story of real estate investor Tarl Yarber. With more than 600 home flips since 2011, Tarl reached a turning point in 2018, recognizing he needed a mindset shift. Amidst high-stress levels, he realized that keeping properties rather than flipping them was pivotal to long-term wealth. You’ll hear how Tarl’s business model evolved and the fulfillment of the dream lifestyle he now leads with his wife.

Jonathan and Tarl delve into the nuances of transitioning from a house flipper to a long-term investor, exploring the inherent challenges of flipping homes, especially in a competitive market. Their conversation extends to the evolving real estate landscape and the importance of relationships in real estate investing. They touch on the impact of social media in fostering these connections. Tarl also explains his and his wife’s decision to downscale for the sake of the lifestyle they desired.

You’ll hear:

  • The three things you need to do real estate: time, money, and expertise. Surprisingly, you don’t necessarily need to have all three. Instead, consider hiring out some of those components.

  • Tarl Yarber wasn’t interested in having a social media presence or a website for his business. Instead, he relied on his attorney and other relationships for referrals. Ultimately, though, an appearance on the Bigger Pockets podcast and the birth of an events company pushed him to establish both.

  • Tarl is a recovering house flipper who realized flipping homes would not create the wealth he desired for himself and his wife. That realization put him on a path to forming a new strategy to meet his financial goals.

As a recovering house flipper, Tarl offers a unique perspective on building wealth through long-term real estate holds. He wants to give others the knowledge he wishes he’d had early in his real estate investing career.

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