Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

Stabilizing Multifamily Properties and Tapping Equity with Andrew Freed


Mastering a strategic approach is essential for anyone wanting to succeed in real estate investing, particularly those aiming to build generational wealth. In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan hosts Andrew Freed, an investor who started his real estate journey in 2020 with a strategic house hack. Andrew’s swift understanding of property dynamics tailored to his needs allowed him to leverage equity, amassing an impressive portfolio of over 100 doors within a short period of time.

Jonathan’s conversation with Andrew unravels his story in real estate. The discussion covers Andrew’s investment with his first property, the pivotal role of relationships forged in Bigger Pockets forums, and the impact of meetups. Andrew shares his approach, steering clear of house flips, and reveals his strategies for discovering great deals, drawing on two lessons learned from masterminds.

Jonathan also explores the role of social media in Andrew’s investment ventures and the influence of podcasts. Their conversation is a guide for novice investors, addressing common questions and offering insights on overcoming fears in real estate investing.

You’ll hear Jonathan and Andrew Freed cover:

  • Andrew Freed focuses on long-term holds in real estate because he is risk-averse. Long-term and multifamily real estate offers many exit opportunities. He also appreciates the safety of long-term rentals since he still works a W-2 position and has limited time to dedicate to investing.

  • By offering authenticity and expecting nothing in return, Andrew built relationships on the Bigger Pockets forums that led to finding his mentor.

  • Social media plays a pivotal role in Andrew’s personal branding and his ability to find deals. He has become a subject matter expert and often offers advice as a podcast guest on shows. As a result, his name comes up when someone else cannot pursue a deal, leading him to some great opportunities.

  • Taking action and not using fear as an excuse is the only way to overcome your hesitation to start investing.


While Andrew Freed has only been in the real estate investing game for a few years, his intentionality and logical processes have led him to great success.

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