Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

103: A Mindful Journey in Industrial Real Estate Investing with Joel Friedland


The 2008 real estate crash significantly impacted investors of all types. For some, it completely changed how they approach real estate investing, leading to a more mindful and methodical strategy.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan sits down with Joel Friedland, the co-founder of Brit Properties in Des Plaines, Illinois. Joel is an industrial real estate broker and has secured over 2,000 industrial property leases and sales totaling more than $250 million in acquisitions. He has over four decades of experience with industrial real estate.

Jonathan and Joel begin their conversation by exploring Joel’s early exposure to real estate and how he ultimately landed in real estate after college. You’ll hear why he chose industrial assets instead of residential or commercial, what led him to his mindful approach to investing, and why he pays cash for his investment properties. Joel explains how he combats the urge to jump on a good deal before doing his due diligence, how the usage of industrial properties has changed over the past few decades, the importance of self-awareness, honesty, and mental health as an investor, and the versatility of this particular asset class.

Whether you’re already an experienced investor or a new one looking for the right assets to add to your portfolio, Joel’s incredible breadth of knowledge about industrial property could help you decide if this is the one you’ve been looking for.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Joel Friedland’s take on the current state of industrial real estate

  • The impact Bob Vila’s show “This Old House” had on Joel’s interest in real estate and how he ultimately landed in industrial real estate

  • His experience during the 2008 real estate crash and why he believes real estate investors can become compulsive gamblers unknowingly

  • Joel’s mindful approach to shifting his approach to investing, including meditation, therapy, and a 12-step recovery program

  • The difficulties of paying cash for your properties and why it impedes him from becoming a collector

  • The dopamine hit that drives a gambling addict

  • Combatting the urge to jump on what looks like a good deal on the surface with due diligence

  • Why cash purchases will never produce as good of an internal rate of return (IRR) as a leveraged property

  • The changes in the use of industrial properties over the past few decades

  • Placing priority on relationships, especially with investors

  • Joel’s advice for investors interested in switching from residential to industrial and the biggest risk they face

  • The importance of self-awareness, honesty, and mental health in real estate

  • Industrial real estate’s versatility and cost compared to other asset classes

  • The increasing use of industrial property as a shift away from retail storefronts occurs

  • Joel Friedland’s advice for investors who want to pursue industrial real estate

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