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056: Learning How to Be Powered by Partnerships with Ashley Kehr


Get ready for a thrilling exchange with real estate investment virtuoso Ashley Kehr, the co-host of Bigger Pockets’ Real Estate Rookie and author of Real Estate Rookie, 90 Days to your First Investment.

Having jumped into the real estate world with no prior experience and coming out at the other end with more than 30 units to her name, Ashley is an inspiration for rookies and seasoned investors alike. She discusses her journey from an accountant to a property manager and eventually a successful investor. Learn how her accounting background was vital in managing properties effectively and why good bookkeeping is essential for every real estate venture.

Ashley shares her insights from attending the Maui Mastermind, which completely transformed her perspective on investing and set her on the path to success. She emphasizes the significance of focusing on the cash flow per deal rather than just the number of units and the value of robust systems to scale your real estate business. The conversation also delves into the significance of trusting your instincts when it comes to vetting potential partners and contractors and the outcomes of such decisions.

Networking and collaboration are at the core of the real estate world, and Ashley provides valuable insights into the power of both. She discusses understanding your investment markets and why you need to diversify to mitigate risk. With her experiences ranging from Airbnb arbitrage to medium-term rentals, she shares how she finds value in properties overlooked by others. It’s a gripping tale of how she purchased a four-unit investment property for a mere $20,000 that appraised for $220,000, showcasing the exponential potential of savvy real estate investments.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Ashley Kehr’s journey from an accountant to a successful real estate investor

  • How her accounting background played a crucial role in managing properties effectively, and why you need good bookkeeping in real estate ventures

  • Her transformative experience at the Maui Mastermind that focused on the importance of cash flow per deal and having robust systems in place to scale your real estate business

  • The significance of trusting your instincts when vetting potential partners and contractors in real estate investments

  • Ashley’s perspective on the power of networking and collaboration in the real estate world and why you have to understand your investment markets

  • Her experience with Airbnb arbitrage and medium-term rentals, finding value in overlooked properties

  • One of Ashley’s successful investment stories — purchasing a four-unit property for $20,000 that appraised for $220,000, showcasing the potential of savvy real estate investments

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