Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

054: Learning to Live the Storage Life with Cameron Barsanti


What if we told you real estate investing wasn’t just for big-time players with deep pockets?

In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan brings you Cameron Barsanti’s journey from the unpredictable world of entertainment to the solid ground of real estate investing. Despite starting out with little to no money, Cameron and his wife discovered the potential of leveraging the equity in their home to invest in properties in Texas and New Mexico, leading to his newfound passion – self-storage.

As Cameron guides us through his world of value-added investing, he shares practical strategies for operating a self-storage facility efficiently for maximum value. From identifying opportunities to raise rent to automating rent collection and easing the process of increasing prices on self-storage units, Cameron has leveraged his inherited background in real estate and experiences from the entertainment industry to create a successful venture.

In an industry that’s often considered cutthroat, Cameron highlights the supportive nature of real estate, comparing it favorably to his experiences in entertainment. He shares advice on investing in multifamily passive income, the value of good coaching, and the power of momentum. As Cameron expands his operations into four states with a plan to double his portfolio, he emphasizes the importance of education, mentorship, and taking action.

If you’re considering a venture into self-storage or real estate investing, this episode is packed with tips you won’t want to miss.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Cameron Barsanti’s journey from an out-of-work actor to a successful self-storage investor, using home equity to buy properties in Texas and New Mexico

  • His unique approach to value-added investing emphasizes efficiency, automation, and strategic deal funneling to maximize returns

  • The parallels between the entertainment and real estate industries, crediting his experience in the former for his success in the latter

  • The importance of education, accountability, taking action in self-storage investing, along with finding a mentor to guide you

  • Cameron’s ambitious plans to double his portfolio and expand operations into four states

  • The intricacies of value-added investing and how improving facility operations and adding features like automated gates and keypads can enhance the value

  • His acquisition strategies, leveraging his entertainment background, and focusing on outreach, follow-up, and prioritizing leads

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