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033: How to Use Data and Analytics to Get Bigger Pockets with Dave Meyer


Data is key when it comes to making informed decisions in the real estate investing world. Whether you love spreadsheets or not, data allows you to develop some level of trust with the person doing the data analysis. While some people take comfort in having mentors, others only trust the numbers. And for a lot of people, especially beginners, data allows them to get over the early hump. But is it enough to solely rely on it? 

Today, Dave Meyer talks about how to use data and analytics to get bigger pockets. Dave is the VP of Growth & Analytics at BiggerPockets.

By having a firm understanding of what your options are and what’s happening through the data you have, you can continue to build a strong portfolio over time. But going out there and seeing the day-to-day operations of the business shouldn’t be discounted.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The flexibility of real estate investing

  • The value of having a data portal for investors

  • Adding a contextual nature to real estate investing

  • Real estate trends for 2023

  • Syndication tips for beginners

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