Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

The Power of Real Estate Meetups for Investors with CJ Calio


Networking can pave the way for success–especially in real estate investing. On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan explores the power of real estate meetups for building a strong foundation in investing. CJ Calio joins him, who shares his journey from frustration with his job as a UPS driver to successfully running WNN Properties and assisting new investors through meetup groups. Real estate investing was initially his wife Jasmine’s dream, but CJ quickly realized it could be a path to their financial freedom.

Jonathan and CJ delve into his strategic choice to invest in the Midwest instead of their home state of Hawaii, his initial steps in the real estate world, including starting a local meetup group for investors, and how he and Jasmine chose their first real estate investment. Hear what led CJ to shift from residential to commercial real estate and how he accidentally stumbled upon a profitable property niche during COVID. Today, CJ and Jasmine are running a successful real estate mentorship business alongside their real estate investments.


During Jonathan and CJ’s conversation, CJ reveals:

  • Real estate was a way for CJ and his wife Jasmine to attain financial independence. Frustrated with his job as a UPS driver, Jasmine’s dream quickly became his.

  • Meetup groups are vital if you want to create a network in real estate. They offer opportunities to present deals, share knowledge, and learn from others who are more experienced than you.

  • There are two tiers in WNN Properties’ mentorship program. The residential tier is for investors who want to grow their portfolios or are stuck at a particular level and want to get to the next level. The commercial tier is for those who want to build their residential portfolios and move into commercial real estate.

  • COVID caused CJ to discover a niche in commercial real estate inadvertently. He and Jasmine were purchasing sub-10,000 square-foot spaces, and when people began downsizing into these spaces, he knew he had an edge on the market.


CJ’s pivot from UPS driver to real estate investor and mentor is inspiring. It’s a testament to understanding that you don’t have to be stuck if you can find your why.

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