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The Value and Scale of a Real Estate License as an Investor with Connor Steinbrook


Real estate investors often weigh the pros and cons of obtaining a real estate license. Some believe it’s unnecessary to create a thriving real estate income, while others consider the process too cumbersome. In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Connor Steinbrook joins Jonathan to share his story and how acquiring a real estate license had a remarkable impact on his investing career. As the founder of Investor Army and The Wolf Pack at eXp Realty, Connor has built a community of investors aiming to take control of their dreams and reach their life goals.

Jonathan and Connor explore topics like the advantages of having a real estate license for investors, Connor’s experience as a professional poker player and how it aids his negotiation skills, and his motivation behind founding The Wolf Pack at eXp Realty. Connor shares the strategic steps he took to enhance the scalability of his business, the investing opportunities that have arisen since getting his real estate license, and the profound impact of building strong relationships in real estate, especially in smaller markets. Connor Steinbrook’s journey from debt to achieving a large seven-figure income is a testament to his expertise and offers lessons to elevate your own real estate investing career.


You’ll hear:

  • Having a real estate license in his possession led to Connor accepting more contracts and an additional layer of credibility. The license was one more indicator of his seriousness as a real estate investor.

  • As a professional poker player, Connor learned to identify patterns. That carried over to his real estate business, where he teaches others to identify patterns. They can then reteach that to others, which is the model he used to build his business.

  • Smaller markets can be easier to invest in than larger markets. Treating people right in a smaller community often leads them to refer you to their friends and family, building a network within that small community that creates more opportunities. Connor refers to this as compounding relationships.


For more about Connor Steinbrook’s interesting past as a professional poker player and how he parlayed those skills into real estate investing, Jonathan’s interview with Connor is a can’t-miss episode.

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