Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

The 3 Ms of Value You Will Get From Zen and The Art of Real Estate Investing


There are so many other real estate investing podcasts out there – so what makes Zen and The Art of Real Estate Investing different from them?

What value are you going to take away from listening to each episode?

Here are the 3 Ms of value that this podcast will bring to the table:


1. Mindset

Zen and The Art of Real Estate Investing is about a mindful approach to real estate investing. To have that mindfulness, we will help you curate a more relaxed, less FOMO mindset. 

You can’t get through being a real estate investor if you’re always nervous that you’re going to lose something. 

So we’re going to teach you some ways to clear your mind and a huge part of that has to do with increasing your understanding of things like:

  • Your capital and buying power

  • The market

  • How to deal with other investors, sellers, off-market sellers, listing agents, and all of the personnel involved in a real estate transaction, including your attorney or title company, depending on what state you’re in. 

The more you understand those things, the more your mindset becomes clearer and more confident. The more you trust the process and work with people that you can trust, the more you gain confidence. This gives you leverage in all aspects of dealing.

When you know your numbers, your mindset is clear, and you’re not going to get emotionally attached to a piece of real estate.


2. Maturity

Maturity is not an age thing. Mindset and maturity go together. You can be of any age and be fully mature about what you’re doing as a real estate investor, how you present yourself, how you present your funding, and how you present your deals. 

Part of that is following up on things you said you were going to do, holding yourself accountable, and always trying to grow. 


3. Mastermind

This podcast is going to be a free audio mastermind for you. Soon, you will be listening to guests who are new investors, mid-range investors, and long-term investors. We’re bringing in people with a master’s level of education and experience in real estate investing. It’s a public mastermind for you to connect with, ask questions, and follow up with us.

If you want to learn more about Zen and The Art of Real Estate Investing, check out

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