Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

Knowing Your Strengths as a Real Estate Investor with Kyle Root


In a world overflowing with information, it’s easy to get sidetracked. Real estate investing is a subject that often leads to analysis paralysis for potential investors. They get so caught up in gathering information on how to do it that they never take the plunge into action. However, taking the initiative is the first step toward creating a successful real estate investing career. Some people discover their interests later in life, while others uncover them much earlier, putting them on a path to financial freedom and success. 

Kyle Root, owner and operator of Empire Estates, started investing in real estate at 26 after gaining experience in the construction industry and extensive research. In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, he shares some insights with Jonathan about real estate investing as he’s scaled his business.


  • He had to have his wife’s buy-in. When you have a significant other, you will be going against the grain if they’re not on board. Kyle’s wife was incredibly supportive, helping him with renovations and living in less-than-ideal conditions, which meant he felt he could do what was needed to get his business going.

  • If he had to do it again today, Kyle wouldn’t purchase his first investment property again. He and his wife only put 5% down on a side-by-side duplex. The property was priced too high, and it needed work. He put $35,000 into the property but was only receiving about $100 in income per month from it.

  • Kyle’s first team member came to him. He wasn’t looking to hire someone, but he did and realized how much more work was being accomplished because he had another person’s help. As the business grew, Kyle reached out to his construction contacts to find other employees.

  • Local meetups can help you learn a lot about real estate investing. Investors at meetups will have different angles and thoughts on things than you, like whether or not carpet should go in bedrooms or if LVP is better than engineered wood flooring. But once you’ve achieved a certain level in real estate investing, you may find that the local meetups are no longer helpful and need to find masterminds to join where you can continue to learn.


Kyle’s desire to continue learning more about real estate investing, his curiosity about the business, and his willingness to help others shine through in this conversation with Jonathan.

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