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3 Pain Points of Real Estate Clients


Real estate agents are no strangers to regularly dealing with obstacles and pain points. From managing clients’ expectations to navigating complex transactions, agents have to be prepared to handle any challenge that comes their way. However, what about real estate buyers? Do they also experience pain points when it comes to buying or selling a property?

In recent years, buyers, in particular, have struggled to find the right property at an affordable price. Low inventory and rising interest rates have made it increasingly difficult for buyers to navigate the home-buying process successfully. That’s why agents need to understand their clients’ pain points and provide guidance to help them overcome these obstacles.

In the latest episode of The Art of Agency, Jonathan and Mallory discuss the three most common pain points buyers experience in the current market and what real estate agents can do to guide them through it.

  • Consider changing your home-buying strategy. Low inventory limits the options on the market. This advice is client-specific, but you can expand the search if a buyer is willing to consider looking for a home in a slightly different location or sacrifice a specific feature.

  • Don’t take your clients at their word. If a prospective buyer tells you they’ll be ready to buy in six months, don’t contact them at six months. Chances are good that they have already purchased a house. Instead, stay in touch with the client; you’ll be top-of-mind when they’re ready to buy.

  • You can’t predict the market or interest rates, so encourage your clients to figure out the payment they’re comfortable with and work within that budget. Rates at 5-7% are reasonable, and if they drop lower, buyers can always refinance to a better rate.


In this changing real estate market, you have to be willing to guide your clients’ strategies to meet their needs.

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