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How to Go from Deployment to Deal Flow with Buddy Rushing


Transitioning from military service can be challenging, and on the latest episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan discusses this with Buddy Rushing, co-founder of White Feather Investments. A former Marine, Buddy shares his mission to empower fellow military members to attain financial freedom through real estate investing.

Buddy reveals his thoughts on leaving the military and how real estate can provide stability and a new career path for veterans. Jonathan and Buddy also delve into Buddy and his wife Kimberly’s journey into real estate investing. From finding solace in investment projects during military deployments to addressing the legacy of poverty in his family, Buddy shares pivotal moments. He recounts the challenges of holding onto a property that lost half its value during the 2008 crash and the sacrifices made, like forgoing their wedding to invest in a property.

The episode concludes with insights into Buddy and Kimberly’s coaching and training initiatives, helping former military members thrive in real estate post-service.


Some of the hard-earned wisdom Buddy has received from his experiences includes:

  • The power of time trumps everything else. Buddy’s first investment lost half its value in the 2008 housing crash. He still owns that home, which has nearly doubled what he paid for it. It’s also a high cash-flowing property with a ton of equity.

  • Your greatest natural resource is the relationships you build with others. Investing in your network and your relationships will undoubtedly lead to immeasurable returns.

  • Priorities matter. If you say you don’t have time to learn about real estate investing, it isn’t a priority yet. We all have free time, and where you choose to spend that time is a choice.


For more of Buddy Rushing’s hard-earned wisdom in real estate investing, tune in to this episode, where he shares his mistakes and what he wants others to know about this journey.

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