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How to Get Started as a Real Estate Investor with Alexandra Burnham


Real estate investing is often overshadowed by other investing options but has an allure that can entice new investors. The potential for lucrative returns and passive income is hard to resist. In the most recent episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews Alexandra Burnham, a general dentist and real estate investor. Her foray into real estate investing began just three years ago. Despite her short time in the field, Alexandra’s strategic investments in cities like Kansas City, Phoenix, and Fort Lauderdale have already made gains for her and her husband.

Alexandra’s real estate investing story began with a strategic choice to invest in familiar territories. With a focus on Kansas City, where her husband’s roots lie, they made their initial investment near a university. This calculated step allowed them to gradually expand their portfolio to other locations, forming strategic partnerships to secure property funding. In her conversation with Jonathan, Alexandra explains the rationale behind their selection of a university area, their preference for professional property management, and how she harnesses the power of social media to create valuable real estate partnerships. Alexandra’s dedication to research and calculated investments has also opened doors to a flourishing real estate enterprise with the promise of exciting future prospects.


Some things Jonathan and Alexandra cover include:

  • She and her husband chose to use professional property management companies, but they aren’t always on top of things the way they would prefer. Because of her experience as a renter, she understands why getting something fixed may be a big deal to the renter but not necessarily to the property management company. Alexandra wants to treat her rental properties like homes for her tenants.

  • Real estate is simple and tangible, and she was attracted to that aspect. She also loved the idea of rehabbing or making other improvements that add value to the property.

  • Tenacity may be the single most important trait a new real estate investor can have. If something goes wrong, you have to push through in order to get to the next level of investing. Get educated, do your research, and keep moving forward.


Alexandra’s enthusiasm for real estate investing is infectious, and you won’t want to miss her thoughts on investing and all she’s learned in just three years.

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