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Building a Legacy Through Self-Storage with Travis Baucom


For new real estate investors looking for real estate investments without the challenges of traditional residential properties, self-storage units present a unique alternative. The appeal lies in their self-management nature, making them a low-maintenance investment option. With the ability to adjust rents and tenants’ general reluctance to move their stuff, self-storage units can provide stable returns. In well-selected locations, self-storage can be an attractive entry point for investors looking to avoid the complications associated with residential properties. Self-storage might just be your ticket into the world of real estate if you’re looking for hassle-free investment opportunities.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan explores self-storage with guest Travis Baucom. Having transitioned from multifamily and residential real estate investing to self-storage, Travis experienced quick success in this niche. As a syndicator, he now shares his expertise, helping others venture into the self-storage investment landscape. Travis shares lessons he learned along the way and reveals the advantages that self-storage offers if you want to sidestep the complexities tied to residential tenants. His advice provides a roadmap for looking for promising self-storage opportunities.


Traves and Jonathan explore the following:

  • Self-storage is a true cash-flowing asset. You can quickly increase the net operating income because you’re dealing with month-to-month leases versus 12-month leases. It’s also low maintenance.

  • Recessions don’t have as large of an impact on self-storage investments. When people sell homes, move into rentals, or go into foreclosure, they still need somewhere to place their stuff that won’t fit into their current residence.

  • Very little staffing is required at a self-storage facility. Most of them have managers who manage multiple facilities and are mostly self-service.

  • Consider the occupancy rates if you’re looking for a great self-storage investment. You should also evaluate the area for population growth, traffic patterns, and the ability to expand the facility.


If  Jonathan’s interview with Travis Baucom and Travis’s expertise in self-storage piqued your interest, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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