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Financial Freedom for Everyone with Charlie Hardage


Charlie Hardage, a military veteran turned real estate investor, shares how he achieved financial freedom on this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing. Charlie’s interest in real estate started as a child. But reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad during a deployment sparked his passion for real estate. Charlie shares how he navigated the challenges of gaining his wife’s support, uncovering his unique real estate niche, and the importance of cultivating a personal brand for success in the real estate investment world. His belief that financial freedom should be within reach for all will resonate with aspiring investors seeking a path to passive income and prosperity. Charlie also has advice on discovering your investment niche and conquering the fears that often accompany the journey to financial independence. 

Charlie Hardage is a U.S. Army veteran, a multifamily real estate investor, and co-founder of H&K Investment Group and Passive Profits in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s on a mission to empower others with the knowledge and tools needed to attain financial freedom through real estate investing.


Just a few things Jonathan and Charlie’s conversation covers include:

  • Charlie struggled with “shiny object syndrome” when choosing what type of real estate to invest in. He listened to many podcasts and read many books on real estate, but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to invest in. Finding his niche was ultimately the key to his success.

  • You need a personal brand. If no one knows what you’re doing, they aren’t going to give you capital for investing. You don’t have to be sales-y. You just need to offer people an opportunity.

  • If you’re risk averse, start by investing passively. Do a couple of deals to get your feet wet and create a comfort level so that you can continue to learn more.

  • Learn the right questions to ask. One of the questions Charlie now asks is, “What’s the worst deal you’ve ever done?” It reveals a lot about a potential co-GP’s communication, mitigation plans, etc.


Charlie is passionate about helping others attain financial freedom the way he has, and his insights are sure to spark more curiosity about real estate investing.

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