Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

141: Local Home Buying as a People Business with Jeremy Beland and Dan Toback


Becoming the go-to wholesaler in your market can take time, but it can also establish trust within your community, leading to referrals and consistently good business.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jeremy Beland and Dan Toback of REI Freedom join Jonathan to share how they train others to become the go-to cash buyers and wholesalers in their local markets. In addition to REI Freedom, they own multiple home-buying companies and have successfully closed more than 400 off-market properties since 2017. Jeremy and Dan are entrepreneurs, coaches, and business owners finding houses everywhere.

Jonathan begins his conversation with Dan and Jeremy by exploring how they each started the business and how having a singular focus from the beginning contributed to their success. Dan and Jeremy share how they built a local portal to remain consistent, becoming the largest homebuyers in their markets. You’ll hear the credibility they built by “landmarking,” why they treat real estate as a business, and the two advantages a local wholesaler has over a virtual wholesaler. Jonathan covers the traits Dan and Jeremy say a new wholesaler needs for success, what makes this a people business first, and avoiding mistakes the competition makes. They discuss why you should be helping sellers even if you aren’t the right buyer for the house, the importance of empathy and transparency, and why patience and creating relationships are crucial for long-term success.

Wholesaling and cash-buying aren’t right for every investor, but with patience, empathy, and people skills, Jeremy and Dan are helping others find the same success in their own markets.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Dan Toback and Jeremy Beland’s introductions to real estate
  • Why having a singular focus has contributed to Dan and Jeremy’s success
  • Building a local portal to remain consistent and how it led to becoming the largest homebuyer in their markets
  • The credibility that “landmarking” builds within a market
  • Treating real estate investing as a business
  • The two advantages a local wholesaler has over a virtual wholesaler
  • Traits Dan and Jeremy say a new wholesaler needs to be successful
  • Why this is a people business first and commodity second
  • Where people are moving when they sell their homes in Florida
  • The mistakes their competition is making and how you can avoid those same mistakes
  • Helping sellers even if they aren’t the right buyer for the house and building genuine empathy for their situation
  • How transparency leads to the most success in real estate
  • Setting expectations about the wholesaling process for sellers
  • The necessity of patience for success
  • Creating relationships with other investors for long-term success and support

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