Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

137: Turning Short-Term Rentals into Long-Term Income with Chantal Duame


Specializing in a real estate niche can be lucrative for you, but with a long-term strategy in mind, it can also position you as the go-to expert who can influence local politics.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews Chantal Duame, a licensed real estate agent based in Denver, Colorado. Chantal is the founder and managing partner of Good Neighbor Realty and a real estate investor who discovered a love of short-term rentals early on in her investing career. Her realty company works with investors who believe the good life includes a great real estate portfolio.

Jonathan and Chantal start their conversation by exploring Chantal’s decision to become a licensed realtor, why she is an investor first and foremost, the benefits of having a license, and how being an investor herself benefits her clients. You’ll hear who fits Chantal’s ideal client profile, how she created multiple income streams with one property, and how politics can impact short-term rentals in local markets. She also explains how she remains competitive, professional, and successful in STRs, her thoughts on using mid-term rentals as a part of your strategy, and what it takes to be a great host.

Short-term rentals is a niche still full of potential, and Chantal Duame is helping her clients take advantage of the lucrative opportunities available in this market.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why Chantal Duame became a licensed realtor and considers herself an investor first
  • The benefits of having a real estate license as an investor
  • How being an investor helps Chantal serve investors because she understands the industry
  • Her ideal client and why you have to be clear on your value proposition
  • Chantal’s first experience in real estate and what she learned about real wealth
  • Her first investment property following her primary residence and how she created multiple streams of income from one property
  • The appeal of short-term rentals and how Chantal’s knowledge of the space helps grow her business
  • Politics in local markets and the impact Chantal has on the decisions they make regarding short-term rentals
  • What she’s doing to remain competitive, professional, and successful in the booming STR market
  • Ambiance and marketing’s value in the short-term rental space
  • Chantal’s thoughts on using mid-term rentals as a part of your investing strategy
  • The first piece of advice she would give to a new investor interested in her market
  • The huge advantage of STRs and what it takes to be a good host
  • Chantal Duame’s goals for future investments

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