Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

136: The Solution-Based Outlook to Real Estate Investing with Stacy Patel


Not knowing where to find the answer to a problem can be a roadblock along the real estate investing journey, preventing investors from moving forward. Financing can be especially tricky, and finding a lender who presents real solutions is gold.

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan welcomes Stacy Patel to the show. Stacy is the co-founder of a private money group called Golden Handshake Capital. They work with investors doing fix-and-flips, BRRRs, wholesale, and more. Stacy also has a family-run real estate investment and solution firm, The Home Asset Experts, based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She has 20 years of experience in private money lending, in addition to her experience as an investor.

Jonathan and Stacy start their conversation with what it means to provide solution-based lending, her belief in education and collaboration that creates structure for the long-term, and what earned her the nickname the “dream killer.” Stacy outlines her strict underwriting process, what makes the wholesale industry sometimes challenging, and the automated process she uses with white glove service. You’ll also hear why she is service-minded in every career she pursues, how to set firm conditions before agreeing to anything in a private money lending deal, and how transparency can benefit you as a new investor.

If you’re a solutions-driven investor, you won’t want to miss Stacy Patel’s systematic approach to lending and investing.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Stacy’s 20-year background as a private money lender and why she views it as a collaboration for success that benefits everyone
  • Solution-based lending to help borrowers create more wealth and mitigate risk
  • Education and collaboration to create structure for the long-term
  • Why Stacy earned the nickname the “dream killer”
  • Her strict underwriting process and the reasoning behind it
  • The lack of transparency and integrity in the wholesale industry and why that sometimes makes it challenging to work with them as a lender
  • Stewarding the money through the lending process so that when a problem pops up, Stacy can help
  • Her automated process and the white glove service she offers
  • Stacy’s service-minded perspective in every career she’s had
  • Hard money lenders who are blowing up deals and why she’s frustrated with them
  • Setting firm conditions before agreeing to anything based on the conditions underwriters must operate within
  • Finding coaches or mentors in your local community who can guide you and amassing knowledge before spending
  • Understanding that real estate is relational and not transactional
  • Stacy’s first exposure to real estate’s power in her early 20s and the first thing she bought on her own
  • What motivates Stacy when she buys a new piece of real estate and the properties she prefers
  • How transparency can benefit you as a new investor

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