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107: Designing Your Game Plan for Financial Success with Devon Kennard


What happens to professional athletes once their sports careers end? Can they all live off of their career proceeds, or is there a post-professional sports career plan in place?

On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, former NFL player Devon Kennard sits down with Jonathan to talk about his new career in real estate following a successful stint on the football field. Devon is a real estate investor, author, lender, and speaker. Today, he owns at least 20 single-family and smaller multifamily properties in addition to 40+ syndication investments. His company, 42 Solutions, is a private lending institution based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jonathan and Devon dig into how Devon leveraged his brand as a professional athlete to open doors, form relationships, and create success beyond athletics. Early in his football career, Devon recognized the impact of finances on every aspect of life. While playing in the NFL, he looked for a way to invest his money that could bring success long after his football career ended, which led him to real estate. Devon explains to Jonathan why he purchased his first property in Beech Grove, Indiana, what he finds appealing about turnkey properties, his decision to pursue real estate while his fellow NFL players put money in the stock market, and how he decides on neighborhoods to invest in. You’ll also hear how Devon Kennard became an investor in syndications, what led him to start his company, 42 Solutions, and the story behind his new book It All Adds Up.

Devon Kennard knew that an NFL career could be shortlived, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing success on and off the field. His transition into real estate investing offers a perspective new and experienced investors alike can learn from.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The question that completely changed Devon Kennard’s perspective on creating a successful life

  • How Devon leveraged his brand as an athlete to open doors and create success beyond athletics

  • Life beyond the NFL, focusing on more than one thing in life and putting your best foot forward

  • The impact of finances on every aspect of your life

  • What Devon would tell brand-new investors who want to get started in real estate

  • His first investment property in Beech Grove, Indiana–a turnkey property from a turnkey provider

  • Why he stuck with turnkey properties in the Midwest as he continued investing

  • The decision Devon made to stick with real estate while other NFL players were putting money in the stock market

  • The criteria he used to choose the neighborhoods he invested in

  • The reason Devon sought out a financial advisor who concentrates on alternative investments and what scared him about syndications

  • Where he’s going to put his money next, and why Devon likes markets where he can scale

  • The protection a diversified portfolio offers and the lack of control over the risk profile in a syndication

  • Knowing when to trust someone and looking to others who can vouch for them

  • Devon’s company, 42 Solutions, what it does, and his ultimate goal with it

  • His new book, It All Adds Up, and how it’s helping people design their game plans for financial success

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