Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

059: Reframing Affordable Housing with Mobile Homes with Franco Perez


One area of real estate investing often overlooked is mobile homes. Despite the stigma they’ve experienced in the past, that is changing–and making buying a home more affordable for many people.

In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews Franco Perez, owner and founder of Franco Mobile Homes. Franco is a YouTuber, manufactured home developer and is in the business of breaking the stigma and stereotypes surrounding mobile homes.

Jonathan and Franco explore the ins and outs of mobile homes, including the misconceptions people have about them, why it’s usually easier to renovate a mobile home than a stick-built house, the younger generation’s interest in them, and the value add investors can bring to mobile home parks and communities. Franco also shares why mobile homes could be the key to making home ownership more affordable again.

While you may not have considered investing in mobile homes before, Franco’s enthusiasm and breadth of knowledge could change your mind.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Franco Perez became interested in real estate investing after experimenting with a career as a real estate agent

  • Why he’s drawn to mobile homes, in particular, the misconceptions people have about them, and some advantages of renting mobile homes

  • Franco’s perspective on the housing shortage and why mobile homes may be the key to making home ownership more affordable again

  • His first set of projects and what he’s investing in today

  • The value add investors can bring to mobile home communities and why the tiny house revolution helped people reconsider mobile homes as a housing option

  • Why renovating a mobile home in a mobile home park is typically easier than renovating a traditional house

  • The younger generations’ interest in mobile homes and what makes mobile homes appealing to them

  • Franco’s long-term plans and his recent involvement in opening parks and communities

  • The cost of a mobile home renovation versus purchasing a brand-new one and what loan products are available

  • The moment Franco Perez decided to go into real estate and put his Rich Dad, Poor Dad skills to use

  • How ownership of a mobile home occurs, what you’re paying for, and how the stigma associated with mobile homes has changed over the last 11 years

  • The one piece of advice Franco would give to someone who’s just getting started

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