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Episode 008: Finding Your Inherent Comfort Level with Gabe DaSilva


While it takes grit to be successful, you also have to be wise enough to avoid repeating mistakes. The best way is to find a coach or a mentor who’s gone there before you. But what’s the use of having a coach if you’re not willing to be coached? 


In today’s episode, real estate investor and coach, Gabe DaSilva, talks about the value of coaching. He shares his story of transitioning from a decade worth of experience in corporate finance and financial services into the real estate world. He also dishes out valuable insights into getting started in real estate investing.


In the real estate world, many new investors think about scaling before knowing what they’re doing. For Gabe, scaling meant using existing relationships and resources that he already had so he could push his business forward. Having been on job sites as a kid watching his father work, Gabe already possessed an inherent comfort level that made it much easier for him to transition into real estate and quickly scale. 


Gabe stepped into the investing space just seven years ago, and since then, he has blown up and built massive wealth. He currently runs a number of coaching programs, including The Fix and Flip Foundation which teaches investors how to lay the foundation and apply the scalable six-figure flip strategy. 


In this episode, you will hear:

  • The most important trait of a real estate investor
  • How to avoid repeating your mistakes
  • What’s wrong with the real estate investing world right now?
  • The best first step for a new investor
  • What is forced appreciation and why it’s so important

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