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Winning Offers in Competitive Markets with Cara O’Neal


In today’s challenging real estate market, bidding wars and offers above asking price have become the norm. Clients often find themselves making offers on homes they’re not completely in love with while their agents navigate hard conversations about their circumstances. In this competitive landscape, clients need a realtor who excels in communication, provides expert guidance on submitting offers, and knows the optimal timing for bidding on homes. Agents with these traits offer their clients a distinct advantage when competing in multiple offer scenarios.

In the latest episode of The Art of Agency, Jonathan and Mallory speak with Cara O’Neal, a dedicated real estate agent serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. With her focus on professionalism and knowledge, Cara positions herself as a reliable ally for her clients, adept at negotiation on their behalf. During their conversation, Cara delves into her strategies for securing her clients’ offers in competitive multiple-offer situations. She also highlights her approach to ensuring clients fully comprehend and feel comfortable with their purchase agreements, emphasizing the significance of fostering relationships with other real estate agents.

Some insights into Cara’s business model include:

  • She discovers everything she can about the property sellers, including their pain points, what’s important to them, and what they need to get their property sold. Cara uses this information to help her clients craft the best possible offer on a house.

  • Communication is vital in the sales process. If the selling agent isn’t communicating with her, Cara can’t present their house to her clients. If they communicate too late, her clients may have already moved on to another property. She wants to build relationships with other agents so that they want to work with her or perhaps offer referrals later. It all hinges on good communication.

  • Local lenders have a better grasp on the worth of properties in your area than a non-local lenders. That matters when you’re ordering appraisals because if you don’t get the value, the sale may not close.

  • Ensure your clients know what they’re buying. Cara has them initial each of the details on the contract to make sure they understand, including school districts, waived inspections, appraisal gaps, etc.


Cara O’Neal is working hard to improve real estate in her corner of the market, and her techniques can apply to you no matter where your market is located.

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