Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

Documenting the Real Estate Investing Journey with Lili Thompson


House hacking is a gateway for many new real estate investors to invest, offering them a way to cover their mortgage expenses while building savings for future investments. This strategy provides financial stability and serves as an entry point into the broader realm of real estate investing. As investors delve deeper into the field, they swiftly discover many investment opportunities, ranging from mixed-use properties and wholesaling to the straightforward approach of acquiring and retaining profitable deals. The journey into real estate investment unveils offers multiple avenues for those willing to explore and learn.

In the latest episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan interviews Lili Thompson, a dynamic young real estate investor with a large YouTube audience and thriving business. Lili’s first forays into the world of real estate began during her childhood. Following her college years as an athlete, she immersed herself in podcasts and books, swiftly acquiring knowledge about real estate investing. With her parents’ support, Lili embarked on her own investment career. Despite her youth, she has amassed a wealth of experiences and lessons that she is enthusiastic about sharing with others.


Some insights you’ll hear from Lili include:

  • Lili’s advice for new real estate investors is straightforward. Where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity–so find the problem.

  • Presenting yourself as an entrepreneur or business owner carries over to other business interests. Just because it’s real estate today doesn’t mean that it will be tomorrow. Viewing it as a business and not a side hustle helps build trust so that you can execute your goals.

  • Take a balanced approach if you want to weather adversity. If you stick with it and get the right information, your perseverance will help you stick it out when things get tough and you want to quit.

  • Content creation can be a creative outlet that also offers accountability. You can also create and leverage relationships online with other investors that you might not otherwise have been able to interact with.


For more of Lili’s successful investing story at such a young age and what you can learn from her journey, this is a must-listen episode.

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