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Wealth Acceleration and Capital Preservation with Lindsey Duguet


Physicians deviating from the conventional path of stock market investments to actively engage in real estate are rare. Dr. Lindsey Duguet, today’s guest on Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, shares her unique path toward financial freedom through real estate investment. As an ER physician, wife, and mother of three young children, Lindsey and her husband Michael began their real estate venture when her transition to an attending physician position significantly boosted their income.

Jonathan delves into Lindsey’s real estate story, exploring her and her husband’s strategies to scale their investments over the past five years. Lindsey emphasizes the importance of being solution-oriented and possessing grit in the challenging real estate landscape, sharing the initial hurdles they faced in purchasing properties in a D neighborhood. She outlines her criteria for selecting masterminds and meetups, discloses the methods for locating their investment properties, and discusses the transition into multifamily assets. Lindsey also reveals how they began venturing into out-of-state properties, extolling the power of choice offered by diversified income streams.

With a busy full-time career and a young family, Lindsey’s commitment to investing proves fruitful, offering insights on balancing family, work, and successful investing.


You’ll hear:

  • Neither Lindsey nor her husband had experience in real estate. They spent a lot of time learning about it from books, podcasts, and YouTube. Additionally, they learned some hard lessons through experience.

  • Masterminds and meetups have been instrumental in creating beneficial relationships in this business. Finding like-minded people has helped them find partnerships and properties.

  • Lindsey and Michael have purchased only one property through the MLS. Every other purchase has come through broker relations, direct mail, and word-of-mouth.

  • Multifamily properties require much less maintenance than multiple single-family assets, which is perfect for her because of her family’s busy lifestyle.


Lindsey Duguet is a prime example of prioritizing what’s important to you and making it work with a clear strategy. A busy W-2 job doesn’t have to keep you from pursuing your investing goals.

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