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The Secrets to Digital Marketing as a Real Estate Agent with Austin St. Jean


Most real estate agents don’t know how to use digital marketing to its fullest potential. They either overanalyze algorithms or post without any strategy. But the key to social media success is creating quality content, being authentic, and leveraging this tool in your marketing strategy. This strategy allows you to reach potential clients nationwide and generate more business. 

In this episode of The Art of Agency, Austin St. Jean of Dippidi, a full-service marketing agency, talks to Mallory and Jonathan about overcoming social media overwhelm, shifting your mindset, and building a community online. Austin explains that mastering just one social media platform can help you gain the confidence to create content, establish your brand online, and generate referrals nationwide.

Some of Austin’s tips include:

  • Avoid looking at social media as a sales funnel. People know when you’re spouting bunk, and if you look at social media platforms as just another sales funnel, you’re more likely to fail. Put out educational content that is already a part of your life.

  • Realtors need to do better in digital marketing, and they can do that in three ways.

  1. Don’t post polarizing content. You’ll alienate people and drive clients away. If you insist on posting your opinion, make sure you recognize other perspectives too.

  2. Deliver the content. The more you post, the more comfortable you’ll be.

  3. Align your expectations with the marketing strategy you choose. It doesn’t matter if your strategy is social media or mailers in mailboxes. Know what to expect from each type of marketing.

  • If you aren’t used to using social media, take six months to master one platform before you consider using others. Really understand how it works, get comfortable with being on camera, creating content, and then expand. Doing too much in the beginning will cause burnout.

  • Be consistent. Consistency can show you how each social media post performs and what’s working for your audience.

You don’t have to spend much money to create great marketing, and Austin’s expert advice can guide you in the right direction.

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