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How to Achieve Tax-Free Wealth with Tom Wheelwright


Real estate investing can be a lucrative way to build wealth, but the lack of education and understanding surrounding taxes can lead to significant financial losses for investors. In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, tax expert Tom Wheelwright joins Jonathan to discuss how having tax knowledge can transform your real estate investing career. Tom’s book, Tax-Free Wealth, is a bestseller, and he is a trusted advisor on the Rich Dad team. He emphasizes that one of the secrets to building real wealth is paying fewer taxes, and he explains why the U.S. government wants you to do just that.

Tom shares some simple tax rules as they apply to businesses, which can save investors a lot of money and help them build wealth over time. The impact of depreciation and cost segregation can be powerful tools for reducing tax liabilities. And new real estate investors need to set up their assets correctly and partner with a knowledgeable accountant to ensure they’re making the most of tax advantages. With Tom’s expert advice and guidance, real estate investors can better understand how taxes impact their bottom line and build a solid foundation for long-term wealth building.


You’ll hear in-depth commentary about:

  • People often don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to taxes and real estate investing because they’re being lazy. It requires work to learn about it, and they don’t want to make the effort. Or they’re not ready to hear about how understanding taxes can propel their wealth growth. Tax law is very specific, and it’s fact-based. You can increase your wealth if you’re willing to change your facts to reduce your tax liability.

  • WealthAbility is the system Tom designed for CPAs. The CPAs train for three to six months before qualifying to take on a single client. This software has ten steps to help investors make more money and pay fewer taxes, giving the best client service within the WealthAbility system.

  • Real estate investing is a business; new investors need to understand that. Even if you’re buying single-family homes, it is still a business–so treat it that way.

  • Depreciation and cost segregation impact your ability to grow your wealth. If you’ve borrowed money from a bank for your investment, you receive all the depreciation benefits while the bank gets none. That number can be significant. Using cost segregation, you can write off the depreciation on your taxes more quickly. You can double your rate of return because the government is, in essence, paying half of the down payment.


Tom Wheelwright’s incredible knowledge of taxes can help take your real estate investing to the next level.

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