Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

The Mindful Approach to Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene


Mindfulness is invaluable, and its impact can be huge, especially in real estate. Attentiveness and empathy can be the deciding factor between securing a fantastic deal and missing out.

In the milestone 100th episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Alyssa Holbrook, Jonathan’s good friend and a previous podcast guest, steps into the interviewer’s role to explore Jonathan’s real estate path. While mindfulness has been a deliberate element throughout his investing career, it truly took center stage in his life during his 40s.

Alyssa and Jonathan’s conversation delves into hustle, work ethic, and mindset dynamics. Jonathan explains his ability to maintain self-regulation when others might feel dysregulated, emphasizing therapy’s role in his personal growth. The discussion also covers Jonathan’s strategic approach to leveraging his network mindfully, navigating challenges confidently, and his perspective on leaving a lasting legacy.

The interview provides insights into meditation in Jonathan’s daily routine, the impact of the podcast on his life, and how he perceives negotiations in real estate. Jonathan shares how the podcast has transformed him and reveals his plans to integrate what he’s learned from his guests into his plans in 2024. Mindfulness has been a deliberate choice that underpins Jonathan’s success in real estate and all facets of life.


Some of the topics Alyssa asks Jonathan to dive into are:

  • Jonathan wants to perfect his mindset around real estate so that he can work fewer hours. That goes against the grain of the hustle-and-grind culture people typically think of when they think of real estate investing.

  • Meditation plays a big role in his ability to self-regulate when others may feel dysregulated.

  • Short-term thinking is killing real estate. You can get more from real estate investing by being open to helping others and building a network.

  • The podcast has taught Jonathan something new with every guest he’s hosted. He hopes to implement some of the tactics he’s learned in 2024.


Mindfulness is at the center of everything Jonathan does, and he wants you to know how it can also help further your real estate investing career.

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