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The Journey from Acting to Self-Storage Investing with Cameron Barsanti


When we think about investing, we often picture stock markets, bonds, or even cryptocurrency. But one lesser-known yet highly lucrative form of investing is self-storage. This industry has proven to be an exciting opportunity for many, including actor-turned-investor Cameron Barsanti. 

From Stage to Storage: A Transition Tale

Before delving into the world of real estate investing, Cameron Barsanti was an actor navigating the unpredictable waters of the entertainment industry. After losing his wife’s life savings on a feature film production, he and his wife leveraged their home equity to purchase properties in Texas and New Mexico. 

His journey into self-storage investing began unexpectedly. It was not something he had planned, but once he discovered it, he found a newfound passion for this niche within real estate. 

Despite initial setbacks, Cameron’s story is one of resilience and strategic thinking. His background in the entertainment industry played a crucial role in his real estate success, emphasizing the significance of momentum and seizing the right opportunities.

Maximizing Returns with Self-Storage Investing 

In the world of self-storage investing, Cameron employed a unique approach to value-added investing and scaling operations. Value-added investors look for opportunities to operate a facility more efficiently. Identifying a current owner charging below market rent and adding value to the facility, such as automated gates, keypads, and software, can be beneficial. Expansion of the facility can also be advantageous.

Automation can collect rent payments and ease the process of raising prices on self-storage units, helping maximize the value. Cameron’s strategy includes perfecting his deal funnel, utilizing virtual assistants, and focusing on outreach and follow-up. 

Comparing Entertainment and Real Estate Industries

The entertainment and real estate industries are vastly different. However, Cameron found that the supportive nature of the real estate industry was a refreshing contrast to the cutthroat entertainment world. The real estate industry places high importance on mentorship and relationship building, crucial factors contributing to Cameron’s success.

Tips for Aspiring Self-Storage Investors

Cameron offers some advice for those ready to venture into the world of self-storage investing. His emphasis on education, accountability, and the will to take action is a powerful call to action. He advises finding a mentor, investing in their knowledge, and letting their guidance propel you towards success. 

Cameron stresses the importance of taking action and surrounding yourself with people doing the same. He encourages aspiring investors to ask as many questions as possible when paying for a coach, as this will lead to the most success. 

The journey from acting to self-storage investing may seem unusual, but Cameron Barsanti’s story is a testament to the fact that success can be found in unexpected places. Whether you’re an aspiring investor or just looking for a new venture, consider the world of self-storage investing. As Cameron’s story shows, it’s not just about acquiring properties; it’s about cultivating relationships, continuous learning, and staying tenacious in the face of challenges.

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