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Reframing Affordable Housing with Mobile Homes with Franco Perez


Mobile homes are a hidden gem often underestimated in real estate investing. Despite historical stigmas, a shifting perspective is rendering these homes a more affordable housing solution. In the latest episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan explores this concept with Franco Perez, the owner and founder behind Franco Mobile Homes. As a YouTuber, manufactured home developer, and advocate for dispelling stereotypes tied to mobile homes, Franco sheds light on the untapped potential of this market.

Unveiling the truth behind prevalent misconceptions about mobile homes and mobile home communities, Jonathan and Franco talk about the advantages of renovating mobile homes over traditional stick-built houses and uncover the growing appeal of these homes among younger generations. By investing in mobile homes, investors can transform these parks and communities into desirable places to live–not unlike apartment communities. Franco elaborates on how these homes could be the key to reinstating affordability in homeownership.


Jonathan and Franco’s conversation also covered:

  • Renovating mobile homes is often easier for investors because of few governmental regulations. While regulations vary from place to place, even though mobile homes are built to be permanent and never moved, their classification means they’re less heavily regulated. In other words, there are fewer hoops to jump through when an investor wants to renovate them for renting or selling.

  • Misconceptions surrounding mobile homes come from Hollywood, the media, Eminem–that sort of thing. While TV portrays mobile homes as bad places to live and full of a criminal element in bad-quality homes, it’s far from the truth.

  • Younger generations are more interested in mobile homes because they don’t have stigmas associated with them. Mobile homes are also much more affordable for young adults who want to buy instead of renting forever.

  • Mobile homes could be crucial to solving the housing unaffordability crisis. Rising labor and materials costs continue to inflate the prices of stick-built homes. Manufactured homes in a controlled-cost environment could bring housing costs under control and offer a way to own a home for the middle class.


If you’ve never considered investing in mobile homes, Franco Perez believes you’re missing a fabulous opportunity to both help people and create a lasting investing career.

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