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Finding Your Tribe By Documenting Your Investing Journey with Amelia McGee


At just 32, Amelia McGee is savoring the benefits of real estate investing. She began her journey by persuading her parents to join forces for a flip, sparking a passion for real estate. In this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan sits down for a conversation with Amelia McGee, who, along with her partner Grace Gudenkauf, co-founded Women Investing in Real Estate (WIIRE). Amelia, an Iowa-based investor, specializes in mid-term rentals and boasts an impressive portfolio of at least 36 units.

Amelia and Jonathan explore her initial fascination with flipping, an interest she developed by watching HGTV. Following her first flip, Amelia realized that it wasn’t her preferred method for investing, prompting a shift towards a triplex and setting off a chain reaction. The discussion delves into social media’s role in fostering meaningful connections in real estate, exemplified by her friendship with Grace. Its impact extends to the genesis of Women Investing in Real Estate (WIIRE), originally conceived as a virtual meetup for female investors. Their dialogue also touches on the Bigger Pockets forums’ influence on Amelia’s real estate education, her current focus on short-term and mid-term rentals, and the allure of small towns for investments. Jonathan and Amelia also offer a sneak peek into the upcoming book by Amelia and Grace in collaboration with Bigger Pockets.

Amelia knew there was a life beyond W-2 employment and found her path to freedom through real estate. Today, she shares her knowledge with others seeking escape from the “golden handcuffs.”


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Investing in properties in smaller communities can open doors to relationships with local banks and credit unions, making accessing capital easier. Additionally, properties in these areas tend to be more affordable.

  • Instagram was instrumental in forming the relationships Amelia needed as an investor. It also led to her friendship and partnership with Grace Gudenkauf, with whom she co-founded WIIRE.

  • Amelia’s newfound interest in short-term and mid-term rentals allows her to channel her creative energy into designing and curating beautiful spaces for people to stay.


As a young investor, Amelia’s knowledge, experience, and desire to help others make her a force to be reckoned with.

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