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Finding Your Inherent Comfort Level with Gabe DaSilva


In the real estate world, many new investors think about scaling before knowing what they’re doing. 


For Gabe DaSilva, real estate investor and coach, scaling meant using existing relationships and resources that he had in the back knowledge so he could push his business forward. 


Having been on job sites as a kid watching his father work, Gabe already possessed an inherent comfort level that made it much easier for him to transition into real estate and quickly scale.


But when you don’t have ample knowledge or the necessary skill set in your back pocket, you basically can skip some steps and avoid a lot of mistakes when you have the right people around you.


Having the Grit

For Gabe, grit is the quintessential trait of an entrepreneur. You have to be willing to show up day after day, and be able to problem-solve and pivot. 


Finding a Coach


While it takes grit to be successful, you also have to be wise enough to avoid repeating mistakes. The best way is to find a coach or a mentor who’s gone there before you so they can guide you and tell you what things to watch out for. But what’s the use of having a coach if you’re not willing to be coached? So make sure you’re open to learning. 

Consuming Content

Consume content, but not so much that you fail to execute. You don’t need to know everything so just consume enough. Just take steps one and two, and steps three to five will play themselves out. You don’t necessarily need to know what you can do to make sure that you’re taking the right steps in the right order. 

Again, make sure to bring along someone who has gone before you. Then figure out how you can be irreplaceable. Step into whatever your gift is and use that to benefit the person you’re trying to learn from.

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