Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing with Jonathan Greene

Designing Your Game Plan for Financial Success with Devon Kennard


On this episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan sits down for a conversation with former NFL player Devon Kennard, delving into the transition from a successful football career to a thriving second venture in real estate.

Now a real estate investor, author, lender, and speaker, Devon shares his thoughts on his post-professional sports career. Owning at least 20 single-family and smaller multifamily properties, coupled with over 40 syndication investments, Devon’s strategic wealth building beyond the playing field is refreshing.

Devon shares how he utilized his brand as a professional athlete to forge connections, open doors, and achieve success beyond athletics. Recognizing early on the impact of finances on all facets of life, Devon sought places to invest his money for enduring success, leading him to real estate. He shares with Jonathan the motivations behind his first real estate investment in Beech Grove, Indiana, his preference for turnkey properties, and the choice to venture into real estate while many of his NFL peers opted for the stock market. Devon reveals his criteria for selecting neighborhoods for investment, his participation in syndications, the inception of his company, 42 Solutions, and the story behind his new book, It All Adds Up.


During their conversation, Jonathan and Devon explore:

  • The three most important aspects of real estate are relationships, knowledge, and taking action.

  • Devon likes turnkey properties because they’re already stabilized, require minimal maintenance, and offer the ability to be a more passive investor.

  • He realized he needed a plan for post-NFL life, which ultimately led Devon to real estate investing.

  • If you want to become a syndication investor, position yourself so that it becomes a mutually beneficial relationship. Find others who can vouch for the syndicator.


Devon Kennard’s entrance into real estate is an unconventional story full of hard-won wisdom and thoughtfulness. His ability to see the long game positioned him for post-NFL success with a fulfilling and unique career in the real estate world. 

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