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Building a Real Estate Investing Community with Grace Gudenkauf


Exposure to real estate investing can be a game-changer. In the latest episode of Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing, Jonathan sits down with Grace Gudenkauf, a dynamic 25-year-old real estate investor making her mark in the industry. Grace recounts purchasing her first investment property, how that led to her current focus on property acquisitions, and her creative financing strategies. She also explains what her Women Invest in Real Estate (WIIRE) community is, its mission, and her vision for its future.

Grace Gudenkauf is the co-founder of Good Morning Investments and Women Invest in Real Estate (WIIRE). With an impressive property portfolio under her belt at just 25 years old, Grace is on a mission to empower fellow female investors with the knowledge and strategies needed for success in real estate investing. Her impressive real estate results, spanning just two and a half years, are a testament to her dedication and expertise, making her thoughts a must-listen for prospective investors looking to carve their own paths in the field.


Some topics Jonathan covered with Grace include:

  • Owning properties in a lot of markets looks flashy, but clustering your properties in a few locations can create far better profitability. It allows you to dive deep into more areas of your business, allowing you to hire internally, create your own maintenance system, or figure out how to make your property management more profitable.

  • If you want to create relationships in real estate, trust but verify what you find on social media. What people post is just a sliver of their lives, so get to know them well before going into business with them.

  • A personal touch can go a long way when you’re looking for properties to purchase. A handwritten letter, for instance, is more real, so it will usually generate a callback.

  • WIIRE retreats are designed to create genuine connections between the attendees. Attendees are encouraged to bring their most authentic selves to get to know one another. At a large and impersonal conference, attendees will often only put their best foot forward.


Grace Gudenkauf’s experience as a young investor is inspirational and motivating for anyone looking to invest in real estate.

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